Which is the best nude body painting?

A naked nude body can look pretty amazing.

This article from The Huffington Post highlights the beauty of nude body paintings, which can be very challenging for even the most seasoned painter. 

The technique is called Gouache paint.

And it’s pretty darn cool. 

In a nutshell, Gouache is a technique in which a painting is made up of small layers of paint that are placed on top of each other in a pattern to create a kind of “sketch.” 

Here’s how the technique works. 

You start by putting a paint brush in the middle of the painting. 

Then you pour a little bit of water into the paint. 

At this point, the paintbrush gets wet. 

As the water dries, it turns into a liquid.

This liquid becomes a layer of paint, called a gouache. 

Once you have a layer that’s made up mainly of gouache, you put the liquid in a container. 

And then you fill the container with water, and then the liquid gets turned into paint. 

 It looks like this: If you can find a water fountain, or a pool, it’s actually pretty easy to do this. 

(Image credit: Huffington Post)Here’s another way to do it: A sponge filled with paint will create a layer in the center of the paint, so if you’re painting on the back side of a wall, you can create a little piece of a sketch. 

Here is a great way to create your own little sketch by using a paint sponge: You can paint your sketch out with water using a water bottle or paintbrush. 

Or, if you want, you could paint it with water from a bucket or a plastic bag filled with water. 

Using a paintbrush, you paint on the sketch using the water you’ve poured into the bottle. 

It looks pretty cool, doesn’t it?

(Image credit)The trick is to start with a thin layer of gouche on the water, then add layers of gouge on top, to create an overall effect. 

If you want to create more detail in your sketch, you’re going to have to add more layers. 

That’s how you do it with a sketch in Photoshop.

Here’s a sample sketch I did in Photoshop: (Images credit: myhomemadepaint.blogspot.com)There’s one last trick to do the Gouache process, and it’s a little trickier. 

When you’ve done a few layers of the same gouache on top and then you’ve added another layer of it, the final gouache is going to be a lot smaller than it would be if you had just painted it with straight water.

So it looks like it’s sort of a mess. 

But if you have some water in the paint bottle, you don’t have to do anything special to get it to look like a smooth surface. 

This is what the final Gouache sketch looks like: And if you paint over that, it looks kind of like this, so it’s really easy to work with.

(Image credits: myHomemadepaints.blogspot (Huffpost))You can find more Gouache paintings at the Gouche Art website. 

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