How to fix a busted basement wall

A crumbling basement wall that could be easily fixed by installing a new paint net is proving to be a nuisance.

A couple from Kolkata found out this week when they discovered that the roof was a gaping hole in their basement.

“I went down to the ground floor to find a new painting job.

I had no idea it was a hole in the wall, as there were no signs of the previous paint job,” said Gaurav, a senior executive at a bank.

The hole was so big, the ceiling was completely covered in the black paint, and the wall was completely blocked with white paint.

The couple had gone to the local paint shop after discovering the hole in a section of the ceiling.

The paint job was too thin and had no colour, so the couple asked the shop to help them find a replacement.

They even had to send the contractor to the shop.

They did not even ask if the contractor was licensed, because the shop was not licensed.

Gaurav and his wife started asking around for a new floor covering, but nothing was found.

Their search for a replacement floor was eventually cut short by the discovery that the wall of the basement was leaking.

They called the paint shop and were informed that it was the only one that could help them.

It was a long journey to find another floor covering.

But the couple did manage to find something that would allow them to have a new basement floor.

The flooring is still in the shop and will be fixed next week.

When they finally returned home, the couple found the paint job that had been installed.

On seeing the floor coverings, the husband was visibly relieved.

“We had been searching for a floor cover all day and had finally found something,” he said.

This is a story of perseverance, teamwork and teamwork, he said, adding that the paint was good quality and cost only around Rs 1,000.

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