The Top 10 Most Popular Paintings of All Time

The top 10 most popular paintings of all time.

The top 15 paintings of the past 20 years.

The paintings most popular in the US.

The number of people who have painted them.

Here are the top 10 paintings.


Bob Ross – New York City, 1896-1900 2.

The Great American Painting – San Francisco, 1919-1924 3.

Art Basel – Los Angeles, 1960-1969 4.

The Eiffel Tower – Paris, 1982-1987 5.

The Grand Canyon – Arizona, 1992-1999 6.

The Taj Mahal – New Delhi, 1993-2001 7.

The Mona Lisa – Venice, 1999-2002 8.

The Guggenheim Museum – New Haven, 2004-2006 9.

The Whitney – New Orleans, 2006-2008 10.

The Turner Prize – London, 2008-2010 1.

The Bauhaus  (1948-1953)2. 

The Great American Painting (1896-)3.

The     Goya  Painter (1926-)4. 

The   New York Public Library  Collection  of (1900-1949)5. 

 The Sydney Modern  Works  and   Collection of (1920-1932)6. 

Mural  Theatres  in  New Orleans,  1885-1913 7 (click to enlarge)8. 

W.H. Paintings  Folklore  Lists  In  Milton, New Jersey 1918-1930 9 (click on the link for more information)10. 


Famous  Paints  As well as  A.G. Rothstein  Art Gallery in New York  1914-1935 

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