How do you create a house painting that you’re proud of?

1 of 3 Next Previous slide The idea of painting your home is so common in Britain that we’ve created this handy guide to help you decide how you want to approach the process.

We’ve also put together a quick guide to painting your own home.

1 of 4 Next Previous slideshow The most common questions we’ve received in response to our recent house painting series are as follows: How do I paint my home?

What’s the right colour?

What type of house?

What size?

What do I do?

Here are our top tips to help make your home painting project a success.

We also put our favourite house paints in handy categories for easy reference.


Make sure your house is big enough to accommodate a painting project We can only imagine the amount of paint you’ll need to put on a home.

You may be thinking: “Well, if I just paint my bedroom or bathroom, I’ll only need to paint it once, and that’s not really the point.”


Your house will need to be big enough for a painting to be completed, which means you’ll have to paint each room individually.

In fact, you’ll probably need to spend at least six hours working on each room, so if you’re using a standard paint palette, you might need to create one that’s big enough.

If you’re going to use a paintbrush or spray can, you’re better off using something that can hold a lot of paint, as you’ll be able to get all the paint out of the can before you need to do the rest of the work.

We recommend you choose a large paintbrush to achieve the maximum amount of colours.

If using a paint can, try to avoid using paint thinner, as it will be hard to get it all out.


Choose the right paint colour for the room You’ll want to choose a colour that’s going to complement your house and look nice and professional.

A light grey is ideal, as is a medium grey.

Avoid a bright orange or brown, as they look unnatural.

Try to avoid a dull green, which is also going to look unnatural and may look tacky.


Find the right size and shape of paint Can you paint a room on the wall?

Do you want a long, narrow hallway or a smaller room?

If you do, pick a room that will accommodate the amount you’ll paint, which in our case would mean the walls, floor and ceiling.

If not, it’s best to start small.

If your room isn’t long enough, you can paint it in two or three sections, each covering around a square metre.

This is a great way to get a range of colours and styles of colour.

If, however, you want it to be very long, you may want to paint the room in two sections and then build on that, making sure that you cover the entire wall in each section.


Choose a strong paintbrush and spray can The best paints are designed for a specific purpose, which should help you avoid using excessive paint.

A strong paint brush will help you achieve a smooth finish and will help keep the paint from drying out as you work on the house.

A spray can will help with the amount and speed at which you can get the paint off the brush.

It’ll also help you get a consistent colour and a consistent thickness.

If there are no paint brushes, a light paintbrush will help ensure that you get the colours you need.


Set the paint up Before you start, make sure your paint is ready for use.

You’ll need a paint brush and a spray can.

You can buy paint brushes online, but it’s important that you don’t have to buy any separately.

If possible, purchase a regular paintbrush.

You should also be able with a paint and paint can to make sure that each is empty before you start.

Paint is the most expensive part of a painting, so it’s recommended that you spend at the minimum a few thousand pounds on the paint you’re working on.

If the paint is expensive, the best thing to do is to get the cheapest paint possible.

A very small brush, such as a small paintbrush, can be used.

A larger brush will be best if you want your painting to have a more realistic look, as this will ensure you get more colour and will also help reduce the amount that’s drying out.


Use the right colours to get maximum effect Once you’ve got your house paint finished, it can be a bit tricky to find the right shade of paint for your room.

You could paint the entire room in one colour, or just the walls.

If that’s what you’re after, we suggest you use a medium-dark grey, or use a light grey for the lower part of the house, as well as the lower section of the room.

A medium-blue colour can be very useful in this instance.

It will give you a nice contrast between the light grey

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