I’m still waiting for the best of the best to show up in my new apartment, but I’m getting close

I’m not really sure how many times I’ve been told that the best apartments in the world are reserved for those with the money to pay for them, but this is definitely one of the most expensive.

 I’ve been waiting for this one for a while, but until now, I’ve only been told about it through word of mouth and via a handful of friends who have been looking into renting an apartment in London.

It was a fairly difficult decision, but one I made in the interest of getting my apartment on the market and to make sure I got the best deal.

The first few months were tough.

I started out by living in a two-bedroom flat in a posh area of London, which I found incredibly difficult because the apartments were so high up and had no windows, and I was also pretty short.

But then, just as I was starting to look around, I came across the best prices online for a four-bedroom apartment, and the price fell so much that I had to drop it a few months ago.

Since then, I have been in search of a new apartment in the city, and luckily, the prices I was able to find for this apartment are very reasonable.

Here’s what I spent on my new flat in the capital: Room: A four-bedroom flat in London for £3,000.00 a month. 

It’s a decent place to live, with an above-average view of the Thames.

Bed: Four-bed bedroom flat in central London for around £1,000 a month, plus £150 a week for utilities.

Kitchen: Kitchens and fridge for around €2,000 per month.

Living Room: Two-bedroom flats in central and northern London for about £2,400 a month plus £1 per week for utility bills.

Garage: Five-bedroom studio in central-London for around£1,200 a month for utilities and £100 a week rent. 

Living Room (with a toilet): A five-bedroom terrace in central central London with a terrace bath and a balcony for around around £2 a month including utilities and a kitchen sink.

Kitchen: The kitchen of this flat in northern London with two dishwashers and two electric cookers for around a third of what I was paying.

Living Room (without a toilet or sink): This one-bedroom suite in central, central London is for around the same price as a five-bed flat in north London, with just one toilet.

The bathroom is also in the same flat, but has been upgraded to a shower with a water filter and flushable toilet.

Laundry: This is a one-bed apartment in central for around $3,800.00 per month including electricity.

Bathroom: For a four bed flat, this is probably the best bath in London, for about $1,400 per month plus a bathroom sink.

Dining Room:   A four-storey, two-storeys apartment for around 1,000 dollars per month and utilities, including a flat screen TV.

Cabinet: Eight-bedroom, three-storeies apartment in south-east London for approximately $2,200 per month, with electricity. 

Total: £3,958.25 per month for the flat and £2.6k a month in rent.

I’ll be putting in a bid for this flat, because I am currently a buyer and want to make it as affordable as possible, and it seems like a very good deal.

If you are interested in an apartment with similar prices, or have any other tips, feel free to share them in the comments.

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