Black Paint: A Black Painting Company in New Jersey

A Black Paint Company in Camden, New Jersey, is selling a painting of a woman holding a baby with black paint. 

The painting was purchased from a woman in the town of Camden who said she received it from a friend who sold it to her, according to 

According to a Facebook post from the Black Paint Co., the woman had the painting painted on the sidewalk and the sidewalk wall. 

She posted a photo of the painting with a message about how it was her first painting. 

“My friend said it was stolen from her, but it is not,” the Facebook post reads.

“It was the best piece of art I ever bought.”

The post also includes a link to the company’s website, which offers a photo gallery.

The painting is made from a white pigment, according the website, and was sold for $1,000 to a woman from New Jersey who works at a local paint shop. 

Black Paint Co. owner Amy Dankovic told the painting was not hers. 

“[I was] kind of hoping to make money for my daughter,” she said.

“The painting that I received was stolen, and it was a gift from a person that had a very bad reputation in the community.” 

Black paint is a black pigment that can be found in many products, including painting supplies, paints and other items, according to the Department of Commerce, the National Institute of Standards and Technology. 

It’s also a common ingredient used in paints and lacquer, according Topper and other experts. 

A similar painting from a different paint store in New York is also on display in the store’s collection. 

In a statement to NJ Advance Media, the company wrote that it was “not aware of any instances in which the paint had been stolen from a local business.” 

“Black paint does not stain, it is non-toxic, and is a safe and environmentally friendly color for anyone to use,” the company said. 

Dankovic said she’s been a member of the Black Painted Company for seven years, and that the paint was purchased by a woman who had the business shut down. 

If you have any information about the theft, you can call the Camden Police Department at 732-777-2121.

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