Cloud painting: How the world of art is changing

By LESLETT HARTLEY News24, Melbourne, Victoria, AustraliaThe cloud painting trend is back on the Australian calendar, with artist Paul Grieve recently working in collaboration with local artist, Paul Stilwell, to create a new cloud painting of Sydney Harbour.

Grieve told that he started to look into creating a new work in his studio in 2013 after he had recently moved to Sydney from Perth.

Grief said the work took the form of a large, spherical mural painted on the city’s Harbour Bridge.

“The work was about a small, small boat, a boat that had gone out into the harbour and now the water was a little bit more turbulent and the water is really turbulent.

I thought it was really cool to work on a work that’s actually moving through the harbour.”

The artwork was a collaboration between Stilwe’s son, Ben Stilwood, and Grieve, who said he would often spend hours trying to come up with a unique concept for the work.

“You’d spend hours with him in the studio and he would work out what the idea would be and what the water would look like, and it was a really fun process because he would sit there and I’d get this really abstract idea and then I’d be like, ‘well, I’m going to try and make it work, let’s see what happens’,” he said.

“So I got into it and I had a lot of fun, and I ended up with this beautiful work that I think was actually one of the best pieces of work that Paul has done in his career.”

There was a lot going on with the water and it all just worked really well together.

“Grieve said the painting was done in a very simple manner.”

I had a couple of different techniques I used on it,” he said, “one of which was to do some water colour on it, I had water in the paint, and then the second one was to try to make a brushstroke on it.

“To do that, I used my paint brush and just tried to get a really good, smooth brushstroke in there.”

“I then used the brush I had with the paintbrush to do the brushstroke and then my brushstrokes just kind of went through the paint on the water.”

“It was a very simplistic process that was just done to really capture a certain feeling in the air.”

And it was the water that really captured that feeling.

“It had a very specific texture to it and the brushstroks just really did that really well.”

Paul Stilwice and his son, Paul, have a new painting called ‘The Boat’ (pictured above) in which he creates an ocean scene from a cloud painting.

Source: News24/AAPPaul Grieve said he had to work very hard to come to the end product, but the result was “a very beautiful piece of work”.

“The whole process of the painting and the whole process is very simple, and if you look at the paintings that he has done before, it’s just so simple,” he added.

“He’s got this really beautiful piece that’s just very beautiful.”

His work is so unique that I have no idea how anyone could have done it without him.

“When you look through his work, you can see that there’s no detail that isn’t there.”

Paul is just a master at making something really beautiful and very subtle.

“Grief has also created a new series of paintings, entitled ‘The Ship’, which will be on view in Melbourne next month.

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