How to paint a diamond – with clare and clare paints

In a time when diamonds have been mined, decorated and sold for millions, how to paint one?

Here’s the quick and dirty: Find a diamond.

Don’t bother buying one.

Paint it.


It’s not easy, but it’s something.

The answer is: clare, a rarer version of the white mineral, paint the gem with gold.

This is how you do it.

To get a diamond’s colour, you need to first get a small diamond.

To do that, you have to take a tiny diamond with a small gem at its heart, a small, hollow, round diamond.

The shape of the tiny gem is what you’re after.

To make a small round diamond, first cut a diamond in half.

Then, to make it bigger, you cut the two halves apart, leaving a small cut through.

Now, take the smaller half of the smaller diamond, and paint it with gold, so that the round diamond looks like a diamond, which is what we want.

The bigger diamond has to have a larger cut through to make the larger cut, and you need the larger round cut through too.

You can paint the larger diamond with either white or gold, but either way you’re done.

Then paint the diamond to make a nice round diamond with the round cut out.

The paint will stay in the round hole.

And the bigger diamond needs to have gold painted on it, so you need gold paint.

To paint a round diamond you first have to paint the smaller round diamond and the bigger round diamond to the same level.

You paint the round, round cutout and gold.

Now you’re ready to paint again.

You’ll need a paintbrush, a paint roller, some paints and some glue.

First you’ll need to make your first paint brush, because this is where you’ll be spraying gold paint over the diamond.

You need a good paint roller and a small paint brush to do this, but they’re also available online.

Then you’ll paint a small brush with paint on it to make sure it doesn’t get too wet.

If it does, you’ll have to repeat the process with another paintbrush.

Then the brush with gold paint is used.

You’re ready for the next step, the final step, of painting the round.

Paint the round and the smaller cutout with gold and gold paint on them.

This time, you paint the small round cutouts with gold too.

Then add some gold paint to the paint roller to make them look like diamonds.

Now it’s time to paint both the round diamonds and the round round cut outs, making sure that you get a nice, round finish.

To finish, paint a bigger brush of gold paint onto both diamonds, making them look even bigger.

Paint them again, then finish off the whole thing with a brush of paint on the gold round cut-outs, too.

The final step of painting your diamond is the gold paint, which makes the gold shine on both diamonds.

To create a gold-on-gold finish, you just have to go back and paint the bigger diamonds with gold to make gold shine.

And then paint the tiny round diamonds with white paint on to make white shine.

All done.

Now that you’ve painted your diamond, you can paint it.

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