Aussie-made desert painted by Aussie artist A.D. Jones

A. D. Jones has been working in the desert for years, painting a series of landscapes in his native South Australia.

In each of the images he paints in the Red Sands region of the Australian outback, the landscapes appear to be covered in sand.

Jones’s works have been displayed at the Adelaide Art Gallery since the late 1990s.

“They’re always been in a desert, always been under a lot of sand,” Jones told the ABC.

“I’ve been in the sand for over a year, I’m always painting.”

Jones said his first work was commissioned by the Adelaide Museum.

“A little while ago, the museum had commissioned me to paint some desert,” he said.

“And I’m really happy to be here to work on these beautiful desert landscapes, to paint the sand and to paint them in a way that I think is very unique, very interesting.”

Jones has a particular affinity for sand and sand colours, with his works featuring bright colours and striking patterns.

“There’s something about the desert that just draws me in,” he told the Australian.

“In the red sands, the sand is really soft and there’s a really rich sand texture.”

Jones first painted the Red Sand in 2004, after he was invited to paint in a local community.

“My brother came to see me work, and he asked me, ‘Do you want to paint a desert?’

And I said yes,” he recalled.

Jones, who is from a family of Australian-born artists, said his style was influenced by his native Australian culture.

“When I started working on these landscapes, I started thinking about my roots, and my family’s roots,” he explained.

“That’s when I started to think about the history of the place, how the people of the desert came from and where they come from.”

Jones’s paintings are often accompanied by a story about his life and his travels, with one showing him in the Mojave desert, the other in Australia.

Jones said he has spent time in the deserts of Queensland and the Australian Outback, including in a time where he lived in the northern Queensland town of Boorua.

“It’s a very strange place to live in, it’s a desert,” Jones said.

Jones told ABC Radio’s AM program that while he enjoys painting in the remote regions, he does it with his eyes open and a sense of humour.

“Sometimes it’s quite dark in there, and you’re really not sure what’s going on, but at the same time it’s very nice to have the world around you, and not have to rely on the outside world,” Jones added.

“You know, when you’re in there it’s nice to be out in the world, and have it all around you.”

Jones is now based in New South Wales, where he said he hopes to continue painting in Australia, particularly the red sand landscape.

Jones is also a member of the National Artist’s Fellowship program, where the majority of his work is displayed in Adelaide.

Jones currently has about 40 pieces of artwork in his portfolio, which include work in Australia and New Zealand.

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