Why you should paint your nails to look better than they are

By Paul J. HoppePosted October 06, 2018 11:37:29By Paul J.–The new standard of beauty is the painted nails, the newest trend among the young, a trend that has gone from being relegated to the fringes of fashion to being an everyday part of everyday life.

The trend is becoming so common that it’s not surprising to find a nail art website that boasts more than 4 million subscribers, and the website’s latest nail art collection, which includes six different colors of nail polish, is a winner.

The brand, Beauty, features a variety of nail art techniques to get your nails in the best possible condition, but the brand’s newest nail art look is a must-try for anyone who wants to show off their nails to their friends and family.

The nail art on Beauty has become the most popular and the brand says it’s the first nail art that’s been a hit with customers.

“The trend has been growing in popularity among young girls,” said Jennifer Waggoner, Beauty’s marketing director.

“The trend of girls using nails to make them look better is definitely getting a lot of attention.

I think the girls who are most into this are the younger generation.

This is a new trend that is taking off, and we want to make sure that we take it seriously.”

What’s more, the brand encourages customers to do their nails the right way, using a single polish or color and a simple technique to get their nails in perfect condition.

“We’ve been working with the makeup artists, we’ve been helping with the nails,” said Waggoni.

“When it comes to the nail art, it’s just like a simple nail art.

We’re trying to show people that this is how you do it.”

Nail art is a popular trend among young women, and it’s also becoming an increasingly popular trend for men as well.

The popularity of nail painting is also rising, as nail art is now a way for women to show their love for their nails.

“Nail painting is something that has always been a part of the women’s beauty game,” said Lisa Cottrell, founder of the nail polish company Nail Artistry.

“Women love to look beautiful and it has become a great way for them to express themselves.”

When it came to the brand new nail art looks, Cottrel says it all started when she was a girl.

“I remember the first time I painted my nails, it was when I was about six or seven,” said Cottell.

“I think it was a black and white photo I had taken of my friends and I had the idea of painting them.

And it just kind of took off.”

It took Cottoll a long time to get to the point where she could make nail art with only the basics, but she finally had it figured out.

“It was just like, I have to do this,” said Darlene Davenport, who founded the company.

“This is what I know.

This looks good.”

Nails are just the beginning of the trend.

Beauty is also partnering with other brands to create nail art for the ladies, including Tarte, Zoya and Urban Decay.

While nail art may seem simple, the beauty industry has a long history of crafting beautiful art to make a person feel good about themselves.

For example, one of the first celebrity makeup artists was Marilyn Monroe, who used to wear the makeup that she created to help her look younger.

“What I really like about nail art because it’s such a new thing is that it is a very feminine look,” said Paula Gennaro, founder and CEO of Paula G. Gennari, the world’s leading nail care brand.

“We use the same exact formula, the same very precise formula, but it’s a little more refined than the nail paint we’re used to.

We use different brushes, different polishes.

But it’s all very feminine.”

For more on nail art:The brand says nail art can help you look younger, feel better and feel like you have a whole new life in your hands.

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