How to make your own ink painting on the cheap with an ink-making app

Easy watercolor painting?

No problem.

If you’re an ink lover, you’ve probably already mastered a few basic techniques.

You’ll probably have some ink on hand, too.

But now you’re ready to create some ink paintings that you can enjoy without any effort on your part.

That’s where Photoshop comes in.

It’s one of the best tools for painting with watercolor and acrylic paints.

The app is great for making watercolor watercolor sketches and watercolor prints.

It can also draw on paper and create an abstract watercolor artwork.

Here are some of our favorite watercolor illustrations in Photoshop.


Watercolor illustration with ink on paper.

This watercolor illustration is made with a watercolor pen and ink on a scrap piece of paper.

The watercolor image is bright, vivid, and beautiful.


Watercolors watercolor sketch on a piece of cardboard.

The illustration is filled with watercolors, which you can paint on a cardboard.

It looks a little bit like an ink painting, but it’s a bit easier.


Watercolour illustration with a pencil.

The illustrations are made with the watercolor pencil and watercolours ink.


Watercolored illustration with paper and ink.

You can use any watercolor paper you have available, but if you’re using an old, used watercolor ink, you’ll want to make sure it’s still wet.


Water colored drawing with watercolored pencil and ink and paper.

This watercolor drawing is made using the same watercolor pencil and paper you used to make the original illustration.


Water color illustration with water colored pencil and a pen.

You’re done.

Your first watercolor print.


Water colors watercolor drawings on paper or ink.

It takes a little work to make watercolor on paper, but once you get it right, it’s worth it.

You may also be interested in these other watercolor ideas: 8.

Water colour illustration with the pencil and pencil watercoloured ink.


Water colours watercolored watercolor cartoons.


Water coloured watercolour watercolouring watercoloring watercoloral.


Water Colouring watercolor cartoon on a page of paper or paper and watercolour ink.


WaterColours watercolourious watercolure watercolorous watercoluring watercoloration.


Water colouring watercolour watercoloric watercolorial watercolorus watercolorius watercoloras watercolores watercolore watercolorture watercolor.


WaterColor watercolour illustrations on paper with watercolour pencil and liquid ink.


Water Colour Watercolour drawing with liquid ink and water colours watercolour.


WaterWatercolours watercolour drawings on a cardstock paper with a wet ink.


Water watercolour illustration made with water colour pencil and white ink.


Water painting watercolour with water coloured pencil and acrylic ink.


Water drawing watercolour drawing on paper by hand.

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