Can you make your body look as good as your face?

In an effort to keep his face as good a mask as possible, artist Edward Hopper decided to try out some of the new body paint markers out on a handful of clients.

While some of his clients are naturally more beautiful looking than others, Hopper says that the body paint is a tool that can be used on a variety of body types, and can help keep them more toned down.

“There’s so many different bodies and skin tones and sizes and shapes and ages, so different people have different body shapes and bodies,” he says.

“And so the more different things are, the more people will come to feel comfortable with different body paint colors.”

So if you’re one of the millions of women in the world who think you have to get a full body scrub every day to get rid of all the body oil, Hoppers suggests you try out a few of the body spray colors you can use.

For example, he suggests a light tan, a light green, a medium gray, or a darker brown.

“For the lighter, more natural looking body, a tan is a really good choice,” he explains.

“Because it’s less harsh, and you can do it more often, especially if you are a morning person or someone who gets a lot of sun exposure.”

For the darker, more aggressive look, Hopped paints a medium tan.

“If you’re a morning girl who spends all day in the sun, a brown might be the best choice for you,” he adds.

“I really like the medium brown because it has a nice little matte finish that can really stand up to the sun.”

While Hopper paints his clients’ bodies using body spray, the colors are also available in other medium-weight options, like matte, gloss, and liquid paints.

He recommends that you wear your mask on your face, and that you stick to the recommended application times, as it can take up to three hours for each layer of body paint to completely dry.

To find the best body spray color for you, Hopping suggests checking out the Body Spray Color Guide and Body Spray Shop, which are two excellent resources on the internet that will tell you how to find the right body spray for your skin tone, age, and even the color of your eyes.

If you want to get the most out of your body paint and your mask, then you should also be careful not to apply too much of it on one part of your face and too little on another.

“When you’re just getting into your makeup, you want your mask to be at least a little thicker than your face,” he warns.

“That way you can get a good coverage and you don’t get too much paint on your nose, your chin, or anywhere else that you can see.”

If you have a particular type of body that you like, then Hoppers recommends that it be more versatile than body paint for a number of reasons.

“Somebody like me who’s naturally very feminine or masculine will really like to have a more dramatic look and not necessarily a light, medium look,” he said.

“You know, there are a lot more options out there, but you want them to be a little more subtle and to be subtle.”

For more on beauty tips and tricks, check out our guide to body art, makeup, and hair.

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