When You’re Done With Your Baked Beans, What Do You Do With Your Bathroom Tile Painting?

You may have already done it.

You know how it goes.

You’ve taken your bathtub to the cleaners.

You get your nails done.

You paint the walls.

You wipe down your bathroom floor with your fingernails.

You throw your towel into the trash.

You leave your bathroom tile painted white.

You put the paint back in the tub.

You’re done with it.

But when you finally take a bath and paint the tiles in the bathtub, what do you do with the bathtubs? 

You can do something with the bathroom tile.

You can paint them.

You could paint them red or white, or even paint the floor of your bathroom.

But in our house, I’m painting the bath tiles.

And my goal is to have some kind of art in our bathroom.

I’m really into murals.

So I want to have a mural in the bathroom that represents a particular emotion.

And I think that’s the perfect opportunity to have this murals in the home.

And so, that’s where the bath tile painting comes in.

You’ll be able to do that by painting it in white. 

I know, you’re not going to be painting it with a paintbrush, right? 

Yeah, I have a paint brush, but I have to find a way to get it in the shower. 

So, I found a couple of ways.

I found this place in Los Angeles called Bamboo.

And you can buy a couple hundred pounds of bamboo and you can paint your bathroom tiles with it, and you’ll have some really fun, vibrant, beautiful bathroom tiles.

You just paint them white and they look like the tiles they were in the day.

And then you can put a little bit of gold on them and they’ll look like gold, too. 

Now, this is something I like to do in my house, and I’m going to show you how to do it. 

Here’s how I’m doing it: I’m just going to lay down a white towel and I’ll paint my towel, and then I’ll just take the white towel to the washroom.

And when I come out, I’ll find a couple little strips of white tile.

I’ll lay them on the white floor and then they’ll start to grow.

And as the tiles grow, you’ll notice that they’ll have the color that they were painted with, the color of the white tile that you put it on. 

It’ll be like a beautiful pattern. 

You’ll be using the white tiles to add some color to the bathroom, and the gold on the floor will add more of a touch to the floor and to the walls of the bathroom.

So, it’s a really great way to do bathroom murals and a really fun way to use bathroom tiles in your home.

So let’s get started.

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