The most inspiring and useful wall painting ideas

The art of painting can be very complicated.

But that doesn’t mean you have to be a master of the medium.

Some of the most inspiring wall paintings are ones that have little to no artistic background, but are still incredibly effective.

Here are the ten best wall painting concepts, and if you like them, share them with us in the comments below.1.

Painting the house from the insideout: This is an easy concept to grasp and apply, but one that is a little tricky.

The house is on the outside, and you can paint the inside.

But when you paint it from inside, the house looks like a very different one.

“When you paint from inside,” explains the author, “you get an illusion of a different dimension.”

So if you want to really capture the interior, you need to be careful with your choices.


Painting with your own paint: “It’s a tricky idea,” says the author of the post on the topic, “but if you paint with your paint, you’ll really create a masterpiece.”

You’ll be able to paint the house with the same exact paint you normally use to paint your home, but you’ll also be able paint it with the right colors and patterns, such as gold, blue, green, and brown.


Painting over the ceiling with paint: “This is a really simple concept, but when you do it, you can really capture your imagination,” explains The Jerusalem Press.

The effect is similar to painting over the walls, but it will show off your skills a bit more.

“The idea is to paint over the entire ceiling, as if it were a real painting,” explains one of the participants in the article.


Painting your own toilet paper: Paint your toilet paper with different colors.

The author explains that you can make a different color to each one, and then just paint it over the toilet paper.


Painting a room in your living room: “You can also use a real toilet paper to paint a room,” says one of these participants.


Painting in the bathtub: One of the more unique and exciting wall painting methods is painting a bathtub.

“Bathtub painting can really help you express yourself,” says The Jerusalem newspaper.

“You paint on the wall to create a sense of space and a space in the room.”


Painting an outdoor house with your toilet brush: “To paint in the street, you just need to paint with a toilet brush,” explains a participant in the wall painting article.

And since you can also paint over walls, the possibilities are endless.


Painting around a building: “For example, you could paint a wall on the inside of the building, and over it paint the outside,” explains another participant in this post.


Painting on a roof: “Another way to paint on a building is to use your toilet,” explains this participant.

“To do this, you paint a lighted paint on top of the roof, and paint your own light in the form of a white balloon, which will reflect off the wall.

You can then paint over your wall and paint a small wall of white, or paint the whole wall, or even paint over all the walls.”


Painting outside a house: Another interesting concept is painting inside a house, which is one of our favorite ways to show off our skills.

“If you want a really amazing wall painting idea, try painting inside the house,” explains Mimi Rosenbaum, “and then add a few light sources around the house.”

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