What you need to know about the US presidential race

Trump has spent the week in Wisconsin, visiting the state where he was born and where he is running for president.

His campaign manager has visited with the families of people killed by the Republican president, and the candidate has spoken at events in the state.

He has also been in a town hall with local officials.

His team has spent several days in the area, and he has also visited a church where many people have died during his campaign.

Trump’s campaign has also hired the Wisconsin National Guard to help secure the state and has begun holding voter registration drives in several counties.

“He’s trying to rally his base, he’s trying in a very good way,” said Steve Ewing, the head of the Wisconsin Republican Party.

“We’ve been working on this all week.

We’re getting ready for him to be in Madison.”

Trump is expected to hold a rally in Madison at 11:00am local time, at the Wisconsin State Fairgrounds, and then travel to Milwaukee on Friday evening for a rally at the state capitol.

He will also hold a fundraiser in Milwaukee, at which a small group of donors will be invited to the event.

“I’m going to be back tomorrow and I will be doing the same thing,” he said on Tuesday night, after touring a Wisconsin factory where he said he would make his first million.

He said he was also planning to spend a day in Wisconsin on Thursday.

Trump is in the midst of his first major rally of the race, a rally that has already drawn about 10,000 people to the state fairgrounds, the site of his campaign events.

Trump said on Wednesday that he was going to do “at least” $100 million in television advertising in the next six weeks.

“That’s why I’m in Wisconsin,” he told reporters.

Trump also said he planned to spend $25 million to buy the Wisconsin Capitol, a building owned by the state’s Republican party that he used as a campaign headquarters in the past.

The campaign said it planned to hold events there from Thursday, but did not have a final date.

“It’s a very, very important state,” Ewing said.

“Wisconsin is one of the most important battleground states in the country.”

The race for the White House has become a proxy war between two political parties that have both embraced Trump, and have both drawn support from working-class voters who have felt abandoned by the political establishment.

The Republican National Committee has been flooded with hundreds of millions of dollars of donations, while the Democratic National Committee and Clinton’s campaign have struggled to get in the door.

“There is this very intense race for people to vote, and that is not something that has been going on in a while,” said Larry Sabato, a political science professor at the University of Virginia.

“If you were a Trump supporter in Wisconsin and you went to the polls today, I’d bet you’re probably going to go to the polling place tomorrow.”

In recent weeks, Trump has become more active in Wisconsin.

He spoke at a rally on Tuesday afternoon in Wisconsin’s largest city, Milwaukee, as part of a large, nonpartisan gathering.

He was later in the day in Milwaukee’s downtown, where he gave a speech.

Ewing said he expected Trump to spend about $200,000 in Wisconsin in the coming weeks, which would be the largest amount he has spent in Wisconsin since last summer.

Trump spent about $1 million in Michigan in June, and Ewing expects that figure to grow again in the weeks ahead.

“When you’re running for the presidency, you’re spending millions of dollar in Wisconsin as you go into the next week,” Ewings said.

Trump has been hitting the road across the country, in part because he wants to show he can compete with Clinton.

He is scheduled to visit Ohio on Thursday, Wisconsin on Friday and Pennsylvania on Saturday.

Trump will hold events in Florida on Friday, North Carolina on Saturday and Texas on Sunday.

He also has a rally scheduled for Monday in Michigan, which is close to his home state.

“The focus in Michigan is to make sure the state is secure,” Ewwings said.

Clinton has a far bigger following in Michigan than Trump, but the state has seen some of the worst flooding in its history.

In June, the state saw almost half of its rivers burst their banks, while other rivers had their banks breached.

And on Tuesday, the governor announced that he would declare a state of emergency in Flint, Michigan, after more than 100 people were poisoned by lead.

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