How the National Lampoon’s New Lampoon Club Has Turned the Landscape Painting Contest into a ‘Pigsty War’

The National Lampoo’s new-look landscape painting contest has turned into a pigsty war over a picture of a pig, which sparked a national debate on the use of color in art and culture.

The National Lampoons’ Landscape Paintings Contest has long been an important part of the culture war.

It has given the nation a glimpse into what’s happening in the world of the arts.

But a painting of a real pig, by the late-night comedy duo Kelly and Miller, is now the latest in a long line of artworks to be used as a vehicle to criticize President Donald Trump.

The painting, which depicts the first ever piggy painting contest, was selected by the NLL as the winner of the 2017 Landscape Contest of the Year, the second annual contest hosted by the National Association of Landscape Artists (NALA).

Kelly Miller, who plays the character Kelly in the show, was the only person nominated for the 2017 contest, according to the NALA, which announced the winner on its Facebook page on Wednesday.

But critics took issue with the way the picture was depicted in the contest, with some calling for its removal.

In the image, a man and woman standing next to a giant pig stand, the caption reads, “This is the contest for the most offensive picture of Trump in the history of art.”

It has since been removed from the contest website.

Kelly Miller and his team did not immediately respond to ABC News’ request for comment.

Kelly and Miller have worked in the art world for a number of years, having launched a sketch comedy sketch show called The Miller Brothers’ Tapestry of Pain called The Last Tapestries.

The show, which ran on Comedy Central in 2017, earned them two Emmy nominations and an NALM Golden Globe award for outstanding sketch comedy series in 2018.

In 2017, Miller and Miller’s family purchased the family’s former home in the Dallas suburbs, but the family soon moved to Texas, according the NOLA.

Kelly, a founding member of the comedy duo, has appeared in over 100 sketches and appeared on a handful of films, including The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson in 2015 and The Last Song in the House with David Schwimmer in 2017.

Kelly has also had a long career in comedy, most recently appearing on the ABC sitcom, How I Met Your Mother, in 2016.

He has appeared on the hit ABC sitcom Parks and Recreation and has guest starred on such shows as The Voice, Parks and Rec and Hawaii Five-0.

The NLL also announced the winners of the Landscapes and Artists’ Choice contest.

In the Land Scapes, the top two pictures will receive a $1,000 scholarship.

The winner will be announced March 31.

In artists’ choice, the winner will receive $100,000.

The other winners will be chosen at random in May.

The Landscaping competition has been held in New York City for more than 30 years.

In its 20th year, the contest has become one of the most-contested art contests in the country.

Last year, President Trump won the first year of the contest with a painting depicting Trump’s infamous border wall.

Last year, a group of students staged a protest in front of the U.S. Capitol, but it was not the first time Trump had to cancel a contest.

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