Which is better: Pablo Picasso’s “Painting of My Mother” or Leonardo da Vinci’s “The Last Supper”?

The first painting of a woman, her breasts protruding, appears to have been painted by Picasso in 1864.

He had been born in Milan, Italy and was trained as a painter at the Academy of Sciences.

He painted over 300 works of art, including his famous “Madonna,” the world’s first female nude painting.

The woman in the painting is an old man with a limp.

The second painting is from 1872, in “My Mother,” the title of which means “My Daughter.”

It is painted by the artist after his mother dies.

The last painting, a woman’s breast protruding from a corset, is from a later period, around 1876, in a work called “The Marriage of Two Masters.”

The two paintings are also the same size.

The difference is that Picasso painted over the first painting in 1872.

It is not clear whether the woman in “The Supper” is actually Picasso, or a second artist, or the late painter’s wife.

Picasso is not mentioned in either painting, and no one has been able to determine her identity.

Some scholars have speculated that Picassos painting is a reference to his mother, the former painter Maria Teresa de Cervantes, who lived for more than 50 years before her death in 1798.

Others think the painting refers to Leonardo da Venezia da Vinici, who died in 1859.

In 1866, Picasso took out a full-page advertisement in a New York newspaper for a painting.

In the ad, Picasso is seen on a balcony overlooking the Grand Palais, where he and a friend were posing for the camera.

The painting is called “My Father,” and the caption says: “To this I say, if you don’t know me, go look at a picture of me.”

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