Why this painting is so beautiful!

Dixie Belle paints a variety of dainty, heart-shaped flowers, but the color of this painting makes it so much more.

“I just wanted to make it that much more beautiful,” said Behr, whose son, Daniel, is a painter and who has been a friend of the family for years.

“This was a very difficult painting to do, because it was so personal to my father and my mother, and to my siblings.

We all knew that this was his last painting, and he had died.

And that was a painting that he loved and that was his legacy, and that really impacted him.

So it was a really difficult painting.

It took years to paint this one, and it took a lot of patience, but he made it happen.”

A picture of the painting with the initials Dixie on the canvas, taken by Daniel Behr at the family home in Virginia, is shown at the “Dixie Belle” exhibit in New York City, May 29, 2017.

Dixie Behr paints dainteous daffodils and daffy roses at her family home, in Virginia.

Behr has painted the daffys for her mother, Dixie Beyer, and her father, James, a painter, and has also painted roses for her brothers and sisters.

A view of the house from the porch of Behr’s home in West Chester, Pennsylvania.

Daniel Behr and his family have lived in the family’s home since 1925.

“We were the last of the Behr family,” said his son, who lives in Washington, D.C. Behr’s family has lived in Westchester County since 1924.

“I can’t believe it.

It’s so much fun.

My parents are very good people.

My mother has a wonderful spirit and is very generous.

And she’s really good at her job.

And I have a really great mom, too,” Behr said.

One of Behar’s favorite childhood memories is being able to make her mother paint her.

“My mom did it all for me, and I love it, and the kids love it,” she said.

“And she makes them look good.

And my dad is always there to help out.”

Her mother was born in a convent in England.

She is survived by three children: Daniel, daughter of Beyer and Behr; Michael, daughter; and two brothers and a sister.

Her father died when Behr was a child.

“She was always in love,” Behrs father, Behr Sr., said.

She also was an artist herself, Behhr said, and painted the same daffydolls she does today.

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