‘Bengaluru’ to become the new ‘Namma-Hindi’ city for Hindu women

Bengaluru will become the city for the city’s women by 2025 after the city was granted an ‘Indian City of Culture’ status.

The city was designated by the Union government on March 15, 2019, under the ‘NAMMA-HINDI’ designation to ensure the promotion of diversity, equality and harmony among people of the community.

The status also includes promoting women in all fields, particularly in the fields of art, architecture and music.

“This is an exciting step towards the creation of a city that will be a hub of women’s culture, art, sport, fashion and culture,” city minister and former CM Venkaiah Naidu said in a statement.

“The city is set to become a hub for women’s work and culture.

We have given a green light to Bengaluru to be the new Namma Hindi city,” Naidusaid said. “

Namda-Hindu city is an ideal location for the creation and development of a vibrant culture.

We have given a green light to Bengaluru to be the new Namma Hindi city,” Naidusaid said.

“Bengals progress is the result of a combination of various initiatives, including the creation, promotion and expansion of the city.

This is an important step towards our goal of creating a more inclusive city for all people,” he added.

The Bengaluru Municipal Corporation (BMC) said it will continue to develop the city and “promote cultural diversity and create a thriving environment for women and other marginalized communities”.

“We will continue work on creating a vibrant city for women, who will be able to freely move in the city, and also help develop a vibrant Bengaluru culture, culture, and art scene,” said the BMC.

“It will also help Bengaluru, a city which is famous for its diversity, thrive and grow,” the statement added.

“We have given the green light for Bengaluru city to be a place of NAMMA Hindi city.”

In its statement, the BMC said it was also creating a new Bengaluru Women’s Development Corporation (WBDC), “which will work towards the promotion and development for the women of Bengaluru”.

The BMC has also asked the city to work with the State government to ensure that “all the essential facilities are provided to the women who work in Bengaluru as part of the development of the City”.

The city has been in the news recently after a series of incidents involving women in the capital, particularly those working in the sex trade, and rape.

The Bengaluru rape case has also been the subject of protests across the country.

Development Is Supported By

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