How to paint a cave painting

A family has built a cave with black paint for their 13-year-old daughter.

Key points:The family painted their daughter’s room at their home in south-west NSWThe family hopes to have the painting completed by SeptemberA woman has posted an image of the painting to Facebook, and has been inundated with offers of help.

The story of Alice and her family has touched millions of people on social media, including this man from Australia who offered to paint the cave.

“The cave is not painted.

It is a real cave, and that is why I have decided to paint it,” Alice’s father John said.”

It is a wonderful experience to be able to sit down and see a cave, especially if you live in the southern hemisphere.”

Alice and her mother Mary have been spending hours painting a cave in the backyard of their home near Coffs Harbour, south-east of Sydney.

“When she gets home she will paint it herself,” Mr John said of his daughter.

“We are doing it on a whim, she loves it.

We are doing the best we can.”

The family’s 13-day-old son Jack lives in a house adjacent to the cave, where the family have been painting and have been sharing the result online.

“He’s really enjoying it, he’s so excited to see it,” Mr Johnston said.

“He is really happy and we are all really excited.”

They have been really loving and supportive of us.

“Alice said she hopes the painting will go on for years.”

I think the most important thing is that people love it, and they are really excited about it,” she said.

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