How the exterior paint colours are chosen in the Tesla Model X sedan

Tesla Model S sedan exterior paint can be different depending on the car’s paint scheme, according to Tesla.

Tesla’s new paint scheme for the Model X, which will debut in late 2018, will be different from the exterior color scheme used on the Model S. “Our paint scheme has changed for the better, and we’re pleased to announce that we’ve created an entirely new exterior paint scheme,” a spokesperson for Tesla said.

Tesla said that the new paint theme will be available in the US and the European Union, as well as Canada.

A new paint color The first change to the Model P’s exterior paint was a new red color, which is part of the interior theme.

The company said that it chose this color for the interior, which was a departure from the usual blue-and-white colors on the interior.

Tesla says that it has made “significant” changes to the paint scheme in response to the new design.

“We have improved the color palette, and made major changes to how our paint is applied to the exterior of the Model 2,” the company said.

“This new paint will be applied to both the exterior and interior surfaces of the vehicle.”

The company did not provide any details on the colors or when they will be on the vehicle.

The second change to Model P exterior paint came after the introduction of the car, as the company changed the colors of the dashboard and roof.

The dashboard was redesigned from a dark, matte finish to a bright, metallic color.

The roof was also changed to a metallic finish, though this color is not currently available in markets outside of North America.

“The dashboard and interior of the Tesla model 2 are now painted in an attractive metallic finish,” the spokesperson said.

The spokesperson also added that the company has been working on changing the colors on Model S roof panels.

The next change is expected to come in late 2019.

The last change to exterior paint comes with the launch of the new Model X. “A new matte finish will be introduced for Model X that will be a bright red and metallic metallic color, similar to the metallic color on the Tesla Roadster,” the spokeswoman said.

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