How to paint the Trump White House

As President Donald Trump prepares to enter his final days in office, some of his closest advisers have begun to paint their offices in the colors of the Democratic presidential candidate.

The plan includes a bold red-and-blue paint scheme, a bold green-and-“blue” design, and a bold blue-and-‘red” design.

The Trump transition team also is planning to paint every single room of the White House with a combination of red and blue paint, with the colors matching the color scheme of the Republican candidate’s campaign.

The move comes after a spate of public statements by Trump, in which he has repeatedly called for a red-red-and blue-red color scheme in the Oval Office, and called for the removal of a former Confederate flag from the White Houses grounds.

In his tweets, Trump also has called for more police to be stationed outside the White, as well as to make it clear that he supports the Confederate flag.”

But I also want them to be out in the neighborhoods helping everybody.””

The police are there to protect us from the bad guys.

But I also want them to be out in the neighborhoods helping everybody.”

In his speech, Trump said that “a good portion” of his administration would be made up of people who “have always believed in equality, but now we’re seeing the true definition of it,” in a move that comes after months of criticism of his policies on issues like policing, immigration, the environment, and even his own political opponents.

“We are a country that celebrates all of the different backgrounds and religions, but we are a nation of laws,” Trump added.

I want everyone to feel the full force of the American dream.””

This is a country of freedom and opportunity, not of fear and intimidation.

I want everyone to feel the full force of the American dream.”

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