New Delhi: Painted turtle at the new sea terminal

Painted turtles are one of the newest attractions to the Delhi Sea Terminal.

The facility is part of the New Delhi Marine Development Corporation (NDMC) and is part off-grid village.

The project aims to rehabilitate the endangered turtle population by releasing them into the ocean.

The first turtles are being released on August 18 and will be released every six months until the project is completed.

NDMC Chairman Prakash Singh says the project aims at providing sustainable habitats for endangered turtles and saving the ecosystem.

NDMSC director Shripad Dutt said the turtle project has been started on the basis of the Indian Sea turtle and has been going on for five years now.

NDMs are not just about a turtle but about the turtles and their habitats, he said.

The turtle population has been decreasing in the Indian Ocean, the NDMs director said.

“The turtle population in the area has been declining in the past decade, from around 500 to 400,” he said, adding that the turtle population was being protected by the government.

“So we decided to release turtles from the sea,” Dutt added.

NDM’s first turtle release has already taken place, he added. 

NDMC has taken in more than 6,000 turtles in its first year.

NDMI, which is part government, is also involved in conservation work.

In 2015, the company had rescued 1,300 turtles from an Indian Ocean beach.

NDML, the Indian government agency that manages the NDMC, had earlier rescued more than 5,000 sea turtles from a beach.

It is also responsible for the recovery of sea turtles and the release of them from the coast.

NDMi also runs the Indian Space Research Organisation’s (ISRO) first-of-its-kind satellite, which aims to send high-definition images of the Earth and map its surface. 

The NDMs project is the latest in a series of initiatives by NDMC to conserve the endangered turtles.

In July this year, NDMs scientists helped in the conservation of an endangered species of turtle, which had been spotted off the coast of Gujarat in the coastal state of Maharashtra.

Development Is Supported By

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