Why did Rustoleum have chalk paint in the first place?

The chalk paint at Rustoleums chalkboards is a product of an era long past.

In 1905, the company was established by a group of brothers, Joseph and Thomas Feltner, as a private school for the mentally handicapped.

The Feltners had a knack for making things, and they had a passion for art.

The brothers named their company after the German word for the word of God: “fießer.”

They also coined the name “Rustoleum” for their chalkboard company.

Rustoleums original chalkboard was created for the school by the brothers’ brother Thomas Fetter.

Thomas Fender is considered the father of chalkboard design.

He designed many of the original chalkboards and was also the first person to use an airbrushed finish.

He died in 1904 at the age of 86.

The company’s first chalkboard, called “Cricket,” was unveiled in 1905.

Rustleums chalkboard at its new location.

The company’s chalkboard used an airbrush finish.

The chalkboard became a symbol of the family.

Thomas was often called the father, and the company used the word “fiel” in the name of its chalkboards.

In 1916, Thomas Fiercier bought the company from his brother Joseph Fetter and began work on a new chalkboard.

The Fiercer brothers would have a big impact on the company’s future.

In 1921, Joseph Fiercing opened the first rustoleums.

Joseph Ferer sold the company in 1925 to his son Thomas Fiter, who would be named Rustolem in 1928.

Thomas would retire in 1947 and retire from the company.

Today, the brand is known for its unique rustic look and is owned by the Fiercers family.

It is made in-house by a company called the Rustolems Cement and Stone.

The rustolems chalkboard has a bright orange color, with a bright blue and green backdrop.

Rustolemins chalkboards have a lighter, slightly blue background, and have chalkboard shapes carved into them.

Rustic rustic chalkboard with chalkboard and watercolor on a black background.

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