Black Paint: A Black Painting Company in New Jersey

A Black Paint Company in Camden, New Jersey, is selling a painting of a woman holding a baby with black paint. The painting was purchased from a woman in the town of Camden who said she received it from a friend who sold it to her, according to According to a Facebook post from the BlackRead More

How to remove bathroom tiles from garages

When it comes to removing tile from your garage floor, there are many different options, but the most common and effective option is a product called floor paint remover.This product is a commercial product, meaning it has been tested by the manufacturer and approved by the FDA.Floor paint removers are generally considered safe and effective,Read More

How to use paint in your wine and polish?

Wine is a special blend of malted barley and wheat and the traditional recipe has been refined to give the perfect balance of sweetness and acidity.But when it comes to the art of painting, the two have become a bit more complicated.If you don’t understand the basics, you might end up buying something expensive.And ifRead More

Trump to name three new cabinet members to his transition team

President-elect Donald Trump will nominate three new members to the Trump administration, according to The Washington Post, a move that could spark the biggest reshuffling of the federal government since the early 1990s.Trump has named Sens.Tom Cotton, Mike Pompeo and Jeff Sessions to lead the Cabinet and he has also tapped Sens.Ben Sasse and DavidRead More

How a cherry blossoms painting turned into a $10 million business

By The Associated Press | By AP Reporter, September 16, 2019 12:59:10The painting that became a multimillion-dollar business in the city of Houston was an unauthorized, non-commercial installation in 2011, according to a lawsuit filed by the artist, George Bush, who has said he paid for the work himself.Bush, now 90, was among more thanRead More

How to use a Swiss Coffee Paint Brush

The Swiss Coffee paint brush is a good tool to have if you want to get a good colour for your portrait painting or even for a more traditional style.The brush is available in three different sizes and colours.The first is the standard brush which can be purchased from the art supply store for aboutRead More

Winston Churchill’s ‘Maggie’ is still a masterpiece in 2017

WINSTON Churchill was in the habit of saying he was never an artist.“I was never a painter, and I don’t think I ever will be,” the British prime minister once said.His self-portrait, “Maggies,” is a stunning portrait of the former prime minister, the subject of a major exhibition at the British Museum this year.The portraitRead More

How to make a beautiful splatter painting

A splatter paint artist in China made a stunning painting of a man, and then had to paint the splatter from scratch.It’s a bit surreal, but that’s how it went down.Paint splatters are not new, but in the past they have been seen as an artistic technique, as an effective way of using different paintsRead More

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