How to Paint a Wooden Barrel with Paintball

Paintballers and the owners of the historic wooden barrel that holds the legendary Battle of St. Louis are going to need a lot of paint and lots of time to get the job done.A photo of the wooden barrel, which was built in 1857 and is now owned by the Historic Society of St Louis,Read More

How to make your own paint mines and landscapes

There’s no shortage of people who would love to paint a piece of their own landscape or a paint mine in their backyard, but for some it’s more practical than ideal.While a few people have done this with their own paint, the majority of the work done is done in a professional studio, so itRead More

10 ways to save money on paint and other household goods

Easy watercolor painting colors and other decorative supplies have come a long way in the past decade.In fact, the market for household products has grown so big that there are now over 100 paint brands on Amazon, according to the company.But it can be tricky finding the right paint to match a particular decor.If you’reRead More

What do you think of the new house paint colors?

If you’re looking for the new interior house paint color for the summer, this is what you want.The colors are new and will be available for purchase at the local retailers.You can also pick up some of the older colors for the house.The new paint will be in the color wheel, and they are onlyRead More

The Westboro Baptist Church and paint pens

Paint pens are the latest and perhaps most famous product of the Westboro church, the ultra-religious hate group whose members carry signs and wear T-shirts with a message like “God Hates Fags”. The group has been spreading its message through social media since 2006, when the first Westboro event took place in Kentucky.“We’re all God’s children,Read More

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